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Synagogues in Budapest

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Dessewffy street synagogue
The orthodox synagogue was built during a longer period, thus the different styles of architecture can be discovered on it’s facade. It’s main attraction is the art deco style Bimah (Torah reading platform) made from the white marble of Carrara.
(Budapest VI. ker., Dessewffy utca 23.)
Bérkocsis Street synagogue
The synagogue was built in 1877 according to the plans of Ferenc Kolbenheyer and Vilmos Freund. Usually youth gather here as the building gives place also for the University of Jewish Studies.
(Budapest VIII. ker., Bérkocsis utca 2.)

Buda – Frankel Leó Street synagogue
The Synagogue was built in French-Gothic style in 1888, based on Sándor Fellner’s plans.
(Budapest II. ker., Frankel Leó út 49.)

Rumbach Street synagogue
This synagogue is a fine example of the work of the Viennese architect Otto Wagner. The building itself was erected in the romantic style, richly decorated with Moorish elements. It was consecrated in 1872. Its cultural heritage is the preservation of the status quo.
Budapest VII. ker., Rumbach Sebestyén utca 11.

Kazinczy street synagogue
The synagogue was built in Art nouvau style, based on the plans of the Löffler brothers. The lavish vitrage of the building is unique among the Budapest synagogues.
(Budapest VII. ker., Kazinczy u. 27-29.)

Hegedűs Gyula Street synagogue

The prayer room was first created in a tenement-house in 1911 by Béla Vajda; it was remodelled in 1927 by Lipót Baumhorn.
(Budapest XIII. ker., Hegedűs Gyula utca 3.)

Dohány Street synagogue
The Byzantine-Moorish style synagogue, designed by Ludwig Förster was dedicated in 1859. It is largest synagogue in Europe, and – with its three thousand seats – is the second largest working synagogue in the world. 
(Budapest VII., ker. Dohány utca 1.)

Bethlen Square synagogue
Originally the Jewish boarding school for disabled children, built in a neo-Renaissance style, its prayer house had been transformed into synagogue in 1931 by Lipót Baumhorn.
(Budapest VII., ker. István utca 17.)

Nagy Fuvaros Street synagogue
The synagogue had been opened in 1922. The community gathers twice a day – morning and evening – for prayers.
(Budapest VIII. ker., Nagy Fuvaros utca 4.)

Páva Street synagogue
The community gathers here in a renovated environment within the premises of the Holocaust Museum and Documentation Centre.
(Budapest IX. ker., Páva utca 39.)

Vasvári Pál Street synagogue
The synagogue, planned by Sándor Fellner opened in 1887. This district is supervised by Chabad Lubavits. A yeshiva is also functioning in the building.
(Budapest VI. ker., Vasvári Pál utca 5.)

Újpest – Berzeviczy Street synagogue
This large synagogue in Újpest, was built in 1886 as the second one for this area.
(Budapest IV. ker., Berzeviczy utca 8.)
Visegrádi utcai zsinagóga

Visegrádi street synagogue
The synagogue is actually a large apartment, trasformed into a prayer house after WWII. Recently renovated, it’s main attraction is the lavishly decorated Aron HaKodesh (Torah ark).
(Budapest XIII. ker., Visegrádi u. 3.)

Lágymányos (Bét Sálom) synagogue
This is the smaller prayer house of the Buda community. The congregation gathers on Fridays, Sabbaths and Holidays.
(Budapest XI. ker., Károli Gáspár tér 5.)

Hunyadi Square synagogue
The synagogue was founded in 1896 and can be found on the mezzanine floor of a tenement
(Budapest VI. ker., Hunyadi tér 3.)



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